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Sunday, October 28, 2012

New Wallets!

It's been ages, I know..... 

But that's beside the point. New wallets are here just in time for the holidays!!

Take a peek and see a few of our newest items for sale, and if you're interested, head on over to our ETSY site :)

Head over to hopenmotion.etsy.com to purchase any of the above items, as well as to order your custom wallet!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

As many of you have heard me say before, I am a believer that poverty is not simply a word that relates to money. It is a state of being. When you look up the definition of poverty, multiple meaning arise:
1. the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support; condition of being poor.
2. deficiency of necessary or desirable ingredients, qualities, etc.
3. scantiness; insufficiency.
Two things that one can be lacking the most, in my opinion, are finance and faith. So to the average person who hears we are here with a passion to overcome poverty, they assume we are ONLY going to the men and women on the street corners.

Well I'm here to tell you otherwise. 
Having a lack in faith- being impoverished in it- is life threatening. In all senses. It can be what gets a human being from one day to the next. It can be your only hope during an incredibly rough time. And it can also mean life with Christ, or death apart from Him. 

From now through August 25th, Hope 'n Motion's donation cause will be Harvest America. Harvest America is a ONE DAY crusade that will take place in Anaheim, California, and be broadcasted nation wide. It will be shown in approx 1,000 venues across America, all with the goal of having people hear the truth about our Lord. 

On August 26th, we will personally be attending the live crusade, where our donations will be put into effect and seen in action.

I am hoping and praying for an amazing outcome through these efforts, and I hope you can be apart.

To purchase items, visit hopenmotion.etsy.comour Etsy Store. All items seen can also been customized to meet your desires.

15% of all purchases will be donated directly to Harvest America.

Thank you again and we look forward to working with you as we bring The Word nation-wide..

Monday, May 28, 2012

Wild and Fun!

As I've said before, I love making custom orders! It allows me to take a piece of your desires and mix them up with my creativity and skill, and viola!- you have a one-of-a-kind bag :)

During our time of donating towards the Urgent Need of The Sound of Hope, I had two custom Mommy Bags ordered among other things. Today I finished one of them, and I have to admit I love it!!

Wild and Fun Mommy Bag

To order your custom bag, email us today at hopenmotion@gmail.com.

Friday, April 20, 2012

New on ETSY

Hey there!! 

As we know, it has been ages since new products have surfaced at our ETSY store. We are pleased to announce, new items have been added, and will continue to be added often! 

As mentioned in the previous blog, from NOW through MAY 19th, 30% of your purchase price will be donated directly to The Sound of Hope, and their URGENT NEED for financial assistance in order to keep a children's home in India on it's feet. 

Take a look at a few new items, and then go check out our ETSY Store

Autumn Elegance Full Body Women's Apron

Sunflower Heavens Full Body Women's Apron

Harvest at Home Full Body Women's Apron

Again, please take a look at all of our handmade products available on ETSY, and remember, NOW through MAY 19th, 30% of your purchase price will go to help a children's home in India stay afloat! 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Sound of Hope

"The Sound of Hope exists to raise funds and awareness for orphans and vulnerable children around the world. We are committed to helping children break out of the cycle of poverty by partnering with programs that offer holistic care. We seek to educate, engage, and empower others to join the movement in creative ways. We want to empower YOU to be a voice for the cause. We want YOUR VOICE to be THE SOUND OF HOPE. Whoever you are, whatever you do - you have value. We believe YOU can make a difference; just as we believe every child in the world has value, and every child has the potential to change the world. It's why we exist - not just to rescue these desperate children out of poverty and disease, but to give them the HOPE and the FUTURE they deserve!"
~Ericka & Rusty Jackson, Founders of The Sound of Hope

This is what sweet friends of mine, Ericka and Rusty Jackson, have dedicated their lives to- to starting and running The Sound of Hope, a NPO that seeks to help orphans and vulnerable children around the globe. Right now, they are in URGENT NEED of financial support in order to keep a children's home in India functioning. 

From this point, through May 19th, 2012, 30% of any purchase you make will go towards this funding emergency. With this being a cause near and dear to my heart, the donation percentage during this time has been increased compared to our normal givings. Please visit our ETSY shop, where you can purchase from a variety of items. We also do custom projects- if interested, email us at hopenmotion@gmail.com. 

For a look at what this URGENT NEED truly is, here is glimpse of what is really happening..... 

If you are unable to watch the video above, please go to The Sound of Hope to read the full write up. 

To assist financially, you have two options given by us here at Hope 'n Motion. 
1. You may purchase an item from our ETSY Store, OR
2. You may donate directly to the cause by clicking on the DONATION button below. 

Online fundraising for Asha Mission, Delhi - Land Project

Thank you again, for supporting not only Hope 'n Motion, but for supporting The Sound of Hope and their courageous efforts currently in India. 

You CAN make a difference.....

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Help. Fight. Cancer.

Completing the AVON Walk for Breast Cancer: 40 miles, 2 days

To purchase items, go to HNMs Etsy Store.

Lately the Lord has been radically making me look at my life, my health, and why I make the choices I do. 
Choices in everything and anything.
Relationships. Conversations. Food. Exercise. Reading. Appearance. Style.

But yet again, today I was reminded of how precious life is, and how every minute of every hour of every day needs to honor Jesus Christ. Our days were numbered before we were born, and every circumstance, joy, and trial we face is part of our plan and a part of His perfect will. 

Being twenty-five years old, most people around me should be getting married and celebrating new life. Yet since being twenty-five, more people than I've ever known diagnosed with cancer.
People my age.  
People who love the Lord.
People who should not be fighting this fight. 

Breast cancer.
Testicular cancer. 
Lymphoma Cancer.
Brain Cancer. 
Cancer. Cancer. Cancer. 

We need to take our life choices into our own hands. Not our lives, for they need to be handed to Him, and trust in his goodness. But what we do with the vessel we are for him, that is on our shoulders. So while you can, LIVE. 

Live for HIM. 
Love for HIM. 

Hug others even if they seem unclean. Go for a walk even when you hurt. Take a vacation even when funds are tight. Go to work even when you hate your boss. Enjoy the rain even when it messes up your hair, and sit in the sun even if it makes you sweat. Pray for a stranger even if it makes your heart race.

Hold on to it. Provide it. Make it. Have it. 
It is all we have.


Check out Give Prints and how they are helping to fight cancer. 
Give Prints

To support someone fighting right now, check out

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I can't believe Autumn is finally here!!

If you know me, you know this is my favorite time of year :)

The colors, the smells, the weather.... It is all aaaammmazing!

The first of our holiday pieces are up and for sale on Etsy, and I must admit they are adorable. 

These two aprons are based upon our classic full body apron, with a twist. They are only half aprons, one with a fussy-cut pocket, and one without. The fabrics are Alexander Henry and Kaufman, both holding amazing quality and such vibrant colors! 

If you are a Halloween lover, these are worth checking out! And for you party throwers, or all of you mothers, this is a great way to be festive without becoming the classic mom 'Halloween cat'.

For custom orders, email us at hopenmotion@gmail.com, or order our pre-made designs on out site, www.hopenmotion.etsy.com