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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Sound of Hope

"The Sound of Hope exists to raise funds and awareness for orphans and vulnerable children around the world. We are committed to helping children break out of the cycle of poverty by partnering with programs that offer holistic care. We seek to educate, engage, and empower others to join the movement in creative ways. We want to empower YOU to be a voice for the cause. We want YOUR VOICE to be THE SOUND OF HOPE. Whoever you are, whatever you do - you have value. We believe YOU can make a difference; just as we believe every child in the world has value, and every child has the potential to change the world. It's why we exist - not just to rescue these desperate children out of poverty and disease, but to give them the HOPE and the FUTURE they deserve!"
~Ericka & Rusty Jackson, Founders of The Sound of Hope

This is what sweet friends of mine, Ericka and Rusty Jackson, have dedicated their lives to- to starting and running The Sound of Hope, a NPO that seeks to help orphans and vulnerable children around the globe. Right now, they are in URGENT NEED of financial support in order to keep a children's home in India functioning. 

From this point, through May 19th, 2012, 30% of any purchase you make will go towards this funding emergency. With this being a cause near and dear to my heart, the donation percentage during this time has been increased compared to our normal givings. Please visit our ETSY shop, where you can purchase from a variety of items. We also do custom projects- if interested, email us at hopenmotion@gmail.com. 

For a look at what this URGENT NEED truly is, here is glimpse of what is really happening..... 

If you are unable to watch the video above, please go to The Sound of Hope to read the full write up. 

To assist financially, you have two options given by us here at Hope 'n Motion. 
1. You may purchase an item from our ETSY Store, OR
2. You may donate directly to the cause by clicking on the DONATION button below. 

Online fundraising for Asha Mission, Delhi - Land Project

Thank you again, for supporting not only Hope 'n Motion, but for supporting The Sound of Hope and their courageous efforts currently in India. 

You CAN make a difference.....

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