Spring Background

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

One year ago today

June 29, 2010 was one of the longest days of my life, yet one of the most existing, bittersweet, days of my life. It was my last day as a missionary, and the day I would return to the States. 

After hours of travel~ a bus to Bangkok, a plane to Shanghai, an 8 hour layover, and a plane to LAX~ I was exhausted I wanted the comforts of home, a drive thru fountain root beer, a bean cheese and rice burrito, and a shower with real towels and real hot water. I wanted to hold my cell phone and tell loved ones I was home safe. I wanted to see my parents waiting for me at baggage claim. I was ready to be home. 

At the same time I said good bye to most of my new family in Bangkok. Out of 80 or so of us, only 8 of us flew through China. That meant saying good bye in Thailand was it. Tears and hugs and pictures galore. It was the reality of knowing you had finally learned to truly love your new family, but now you were leaving them for your real family. It was the reality of knowing these people knew you, inside and out, good days and bad, shower or no shower, and learned to love the God in you anyway. That was about to leave. On a different plane. To a place you can only hope will one day reunite you. 

Getting to the airport was relief and stimulis overload all at once. You begin to realize how hard it is when everyone around you is speaking your language. You don't know who to listen to or how to block things out. There are signs and you can read every single one of them, including the ones that show you how long you are about to wait in a customs line before you reach your family waiting just on the other side. On the way home I was at a loss for what to say. Instead I was told about things at home, how family was, the neighboordhood, and 4th of July plans. A short ways into the traffic coming out of Los Angeles, I needed to stop. Nearest place was Krispy Kreme... Not only did I use their bathroom, I also ate two fresh glazed donuts in the car. My first American food home. Then of course we still had to stop to get my favorite burrito and my soda. It didn't matter how full I was already. 

It was a few days later as jet lag wore off and reality set it. Things at home hadn't changed much. Everyone was still doing the same thing as when I left a year prior. Kids were a bit taller but still kids. Jobs were still jobs and the job market still sucked. I began to miss my life as a missionary. I missed my random beds and one room with 7 people. I missed my bucket showers and mosquito nets. I missed worship nights and prayer times. I missed having Kingdom as my main focus. 

It was soon after God really began to build upon a vision that started in my last month on the mission field. It was then Hope 'n Motion came to fruition. I knew I was called to bring Kingdom in a new way, in a way that was fit unto me. 

Helping Overcome Poverty's Existence.... HOPE..... It was a word with so many meanings now. 

hope (noun). 1. a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to come. 2. a person or thing that may help save someone. 3. grounds for believing that something good may happen. 

Hope is something I believe as a human we need to survive. We need to know that we have hope, that we hope for our future, that God gives us hopes and dreams. And it has a new meaning for me now as well... To help overcome poverty's existence in one way shape or form. 

I will not say it is ironic or coinsidence, but a gift from God that yesterday, one day before my one year anniversary of re-entry, I was able to ship out my first Hope 'n Motion shipment. By His grace and mercies the vision He has given me will carry on, with all glory back to Him. 

I want to thank those of you that have supported me, walked along side of me, purchased from me, and prayed for me. Without you all my vision would be nothing. I pray you continue to follow my journey, support me when and where you can, and please, help spread the word. The word of what I am doing, and the Word of God. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

T-shirt Time!!

The day has finally arrived.... It's T-shirt Time!!

Front of shirt: HOPE- Helping Overcome Poverty's Existence

Back of shirt: Cross and website

Sizes: Unisex- S, M, L, XL, XXL

Price: $20

And of course, a portion is donated to charities both locally and globally!

By simply wearing a shirt of ours, you can help us overcome poverty....

If you choose to buy one, email me at hopenmotion@gmail.com for more info!!! Supply is limited so don't wait! :)

As you can see, I've already become one with mine... Cozy and casual, which if you know me is what I am all about! 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Product Collection: Over the Shoulder Bag

It has finally commenced. The first shipment that will head cross country to sell with the World Race trainees... After hours upon hours and many prayers upon prayers, this collection is complete.

Each bag measures 16"x16"x3". The handle is made to go over the shoulder, and across the body, measuring between 40" and 44". If it is desired to use as a standard one shoulder purse, just simply tie up the handle strap and it's ready to go. I know, because I do this myself from time to time.

If you will not be attending WR Training Camp, but desire a product you see here, email me at hopenmotion@gmail.com

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Over the Shoulder Bag

As some of you know, our Over the Shoulder Bag is what is being produced in highest volume currently to promote to our amazing World Racer teams who will be hitting the mission field later this month.

I personally used this bag on the field, well not the exact one you see me with today, but one just like it, and it was perfect! It gets thrown over the shoulder so you don't have to worry about safety, it holds more than it should, and it goes everywhere! Including smashed in the bottom of your duffle on travel days because you can't have any more bags to carry :)

And for you everyday American's, it's great for you too! I use mine every day, and so do others I know. Just this morning it went with me, and my mom, to bible study carrying all of our goodies.

Some of you have asked for color options, so here are a few! I only have our second batch on the work table now, but will get additional fabrics from the first batch up soon, as well as try to keep you updated when the next batch comes in. And as I always say, we can create out of any fabric design you would like or provide us with :) Just an email away for questions or ordering!