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Friday, August 5, 2011

What Do Bathing Suits and Aprons Have In Common??

When you are in the swim suit industry, an apron is most likely not something you would expect to come your way. 

But leave it to me, the seamstress, and you just never know ;)

So here is what someone likes... Bathing suits. Zebra. Purple. And their husband. 

Here is what someone gets :)


This 'his' and 'her' set was made for a couple with coordinating tastes in style. 
The woman's apron is an original design, tailored to resemble a bikini top along with a skirt/cover-up bottom. With a flesh colored mid section, the look is finalized. The man's apron is a BBQ style apron, with a large center pocket on front. 

While this was made to fit a taste of one specific couple, anything can be designed for YOU!! 

Do you have colors, textures, patterns, or something you like??
 Let us know!
Do you cook and want a cupcake print with shaped pockets??
Do you have a Bride-to-Be around who wants a lil' something special??
Do you have a man in your life who needs a new BBQ outfit??

If you can imagine it, we can create it :)

Don't hesitate to email with any questions, hopenmotion@gmail.com.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

'Jilly Beans' Custom Mommy Bag

As you know, me and custom orders are peas in a pod. I love them. They allow my creative juices to flow, and my skills be put to the test. This Mommy Bag's order: Canvas so it is durable, and pink. Maybe brown and pink, but must have PINK!!

So Mrs. Jilly, here is your custom bag, named after you and all ;)

The Mommy Bag is a run off our favored Everything Bag. "Jilly Beans Mommy Bag" is made of canvas, snuggle flannel, and cotton. 

The Exterior is a chocolate brown canvas with dots in variations of pink, green, yellow, and orange. On the front of the bag, there is a large pocket, also made of our chocolate canvas. 

On both sides(ends) of the bag, we have a bottle holder. These pockets are made of a plush baby pink cotton with chocolate brown polka dots, as well as lined with the same material. To top the bottle pockets, we have added an elastic closure to ensure your belongings don't go wandering away. We know as a mommy, you already don't have enough hands!

The interior of this Mommy Bag is lined with a Snuggle Flannel. This print is made of a yellow, white, and baby pink large square checkerboard. Topping the checkerboard are images of dots, giraffes, numbers and letters, and of course- baby sayings! There is an interior pocket which runs the width of the bag, and 7 inches deep, divided into four parts. This makes it easy to 'throw' things in but also know how and where to retrieve them. 

This bag was designed to fit a custom order. If you have a color scheme or theme you would like a Mommy Bag out of, simply contact us and we would love to start the process with you.

Finished Bag: 15"x18"x4"
Handles: 27-29"
Finished Interior Pocket: 6.5"x22"
Finished Exterior Pocket: 8"x10"

Hope you are loving your Mommy Bag!!!

To order your custom Mommy Bag, email hopenmotion@gmail.com

Birthday Discounts!!

In honor of one of Hope 'n Motion's very own birthday being August 3rd, we will be giving 20% off all items in our Etsy store using the coupon code: PARTNERSBDAY2011. Offer valid: 8/3-8/7


Visit us on Etsy at www.hopenmotion.etsy.com.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Aprons. Aprons. Aprons. And more...

The past few weeks I have been missing in action. I spent a week being a camp counselor for foster care children, then I spent the last week working. Not just a few hours, but 69 hours to be exact. Oh, and housesitting too. Needless to say, the girl who doesn't really have a 'job' has been doing everything but sitting behind her sewing machine!

But that doesn't mean production has come to a halt. In fact, in the last four weeks, we had 18 custom aprons ordered, and aside from picking fabrics and a few photos I did little but give a few words here and then, mostly when asked. Who did it all you ask, well that would be Mom. She has been a sewing machine, literally, working hours upon  hours to deliver the custom products in a short amount of time. She has also made a few items other than aprons that have been ordered...

So..... I thought I would share a few. Show you what we do- that isn't for sale on our Etsy site, because its not for sale really... It's already been purchased. 

As I've said before, I LOVE CUSTOM ORDERS! And I will say it again... I LOVE THEM! They allow us to design and produce an item that you envision only in your mind. When we create a product and see your reaction of pure delight and awe, it makes the hours of searching for just the right fabric, priceless... So really- After you see what we have been up, feel free to email us if you would like a custom order. 

Ordering information or questions email hopenmotion@gmail.com.

To order your custom item today, email hopenmotion@gmail.com.