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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Special Orders!

So with the Everything Bag becoming a success, I knew it was what I needed to make for a few gifts I was to come up with. Figured, why not put my talents to use as well as share the products we have come up with, right?!

Number One- The Mommy Bag!
This bag was made for a dear friend of mine, who also was my squad leader on the World Race with her husband. A few weeks back they had their little one! Being that it was their first son, I wanted to make something that was boyish in color, but still girly for mom to carry around. I took the Everything Bag, and with a few modifications came The Mommy Bag! With four interior pockets, and exterior pockets which cover the entire area, including two pockets at each end to hold a baby bottle or water bottle, how could it not work out wonderfully... And as always, it was customized just for them...

Take a look and let me know what you think!

The Mommy Bag, showing the side pockets

Available as always, customized labeling

The Mommy Bag

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Murphy- Owner of this Mommy Bag
They took it on their first family picnic!

Number Two- Special Edition Lobster Everything Bag
The second gift I wanted to make was for someone I became very close with on my World Race team, who is helping me promote my products. As a thank you, I couldn't resist this fabric when I saw it. For a little back story, let me explain. I can't even remember what country we were in, but I want to say it was somewhere in Africa, and she came across a fashion blog. Her on a fashion blog while stuck in the dirt of Africa was nothing new, but what was new to me was the obsession with lobster print. Who would have known?! So walking through Los Angeles and seeing this, I stopped. "I have to have this for her!" I told my shopping partners. Who cares about who else might like it, she will LOVE it! So low and behold, this Special Edition Lobster Everything Bag was created...

Special Edition Lobster Everything Bag

Special Edition Lobster Everything Bag

Inside Label- Hope 'n Motion

Thanks again for helping me girl!

Hope you enjoyed looking at these latest creations, and let me know your thoughts! 

If interested in purchasing something you see here, email me! hopenmotion@gmail.com

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