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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Over the Shoulder Bag

As some of you know, our Over the Shoulder Bag is what is being produced in highest volume currently to promote to our amazing World Racer teams who will be hitting the mission field later this month.

I personally used this bag on the field, well not the exact one you see me with today, but one just like it, and it was perfect! It gets thrown over the shoulder so you don't have to worry about safety, it holds more than it should, and it goes everywhere! Including smashed in the bottom of your duffle on travel days because you can't have any more bags to carry :)

And for you everyday American's, it's great for you too! I use mine every day, and so do others I know. Just this morning it went with me, and my mom, to bible study carrying all of our goodies.

Some of you have asked for color options, so here are a few! I only have our second batch on the work table now, but will get additional fabrics from the first batch up soon, as well as try to keep you updated when the next batch comes in. And as I always say, we can create out of any fabric design you would like or provide us with :) Just an email away for questions or ordering!

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