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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Vision That Started It All...

In June 2010, sitting in my room in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, I was given a vision...

In a few weeks I would be returning home to the States and it was time I put my gifts to use, to build Kingdom in a different kind of way. I had taken pictures from around the world, ranging from the most beautiful and renown sites to the severely impoverished. I had been told time and time again that I had an eye and better make use of it. 

Well, a few months later, after settling back into the swing of everyday life, my vision expanded. My mom is a quilter and over the years I have developed a creative niche and passion to follow when it comes to fabric. So how does this all align, you ask? Hope 'n Motion is the answer... 

Hope 'n Motion was formed from the word HOPE. I have a huge appreciation for the word, and believe that no one can live without it, and with it anything is possible. I believe it to the degree that my right wrist will forever tell you. In order to make HOPE something that could in turn give back through my products, it developed an even deeper meaning. 

Helping Overcome Poverty's Existence

So Hope 'n Motion... Well it's me and mom putting ouo talents and passion together in order to raise finance to bring Kingdom by reaching out to those struggling in poverty. Whether you purchase a photograph, an apron, a quilt, or simply donate to the cause, a portion of the proceeds go directly back to local and world-wide charities that serve this cause. 

So please, help us as we help those around us. God's love has gotten many of us through our darkest days, and now it's our turn to pour it back out. 

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