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Monday, April 18, 2011

Los Angeles Fashion District

Living an hour away from one of the United States fashion capitals has finally paid off. For those of you that are southern California locals, you know what it's like. Blocks and blocks of anything you can imagine, and sometimes wish you only knew what to do with it all. Well, I found my place- The Textile District!

A few weeks ago mom and I were able to take a day trip along with a wonderful donor in order to stock up on fabrics. It was a small slice of heaven in the midst of hell. As you walk through the slums of downtown Los Angeles, the fashion and fame is not what you see. Instead you see trash, homeless, and hurt. You see heartbreak, sorrow, and a cry for help. But you also see people who are making a life for themselves, people who own shops and people who run them. And then there are people like us.

After about 4 or 5 hours, we had walked all of about four blocks in the ten or so making up the Textile District. We had found a few jewels, but it was our last stop that made the day. We found a shop containing fabrics we hadn't seen in the rest, fabrics that were eye catching and in our budget. Not to mention, cotton!!

With that said, more products have been made and many more are in the works! A big thank you to an amazing donor who made this inventory purchase possible- it could not have happened without you!

Stay tuned for upcoming products!

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