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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Product Collection: Lady Work-belts

If you are anything like me, this means you wear workout clothes the majority of the time in which you are not 'required to wear real clothes'. Obviously if you ask me, I will say there is nothing better. But there is one small catch- NO POCKETS!

So, after thinking I need a way to carry around a phone, a this or a that, and realized a traditional apron simply wouldn't cut it, the Lady Work-belt was formed. It is similar to the good ol', and might I say manly and ugly, half apron you can find at your local hardware store. Only its.... well wayyyy cuter ;)

This is for now, our top-selling product, and you can see why. It is functional, adorable, affordable, and makes a fantastic gift idea (as one of our clients suggested by making them into a true woman's tool belt with a tape measure, screwdriver set, etc.).

Majority of our orders are custom requests in regards to textile design and waist size, but you can also choose from our pre-made standard selection. 

Lady Work-belts are available in one or two sided, and lined. Each side of the Lady Work-belt contains a two pockets, with an option for three smaller pockets. 

Below is a recent custom order made by a customer... Take a look!

For info regarding order placement, please email hopenmotion@gmail.com.
Due to limited supply, materials seen above may no longer be available. Personal selection is available, or theme focused is always an option. 

Thank you for your interest!!

As always, a portion of our profits go to support local and global charities and outreaches which stand beside our vision. 

Helping Overcome Poverty's Existence

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