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Friday, August 5, 2011

What Do Bathing Suits and Aprons Have In Common??

When you are in the swim suit industry, an apron is most likely not something you would expect to come your way. 

But leave it to me, the seamstress, and you just never know ;)

So here is what someone likes... Bathing suits. Zebra. Purple. And their husband. 

Here is what someone gets :)


This 'his' and 'her' set was made for a couple with coordinating tastes in style. 
The woman's apron is an original design, tailored to resemble a bikini top along with a skirt/cover-up bottom. With a flesh colored mid section, the look is finalized. The man's apron is a BBQ style apron, with a large center pocket on front. 

While this was made to fit a taste of one specific couple, anything can be designed for YOU!! 

Do you have colors, textures, patterns, or something you like??
 Let us know!
Do you cook and want a cupcake print with shaped pockets??
Do you have a Bride-to-Be around who wants a lil' something special??
Do you have a man in your life who needs a new BBQ outfit??

If you can imagine it, we can create it :)

Don't hesitate to email with any questions, hopenmotion@gmail.com.

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