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Friday, March 18, 2011

Meet Mom.....

Alright then... I'm Mom... :)

Meet Mom!
It comes to mind that in this season of the journey I'm on, it's not all about me. It's about those around me, and those whom I can help. The Lord provides all my needs, and if at possible, I want to share 'em. This is one of the most interesting chapters in my life as to date, for I can actually see the hand of God working.  I am excited about the end results, for only He knows them. But I am a servant, who is willing to do His will in order to glorify Him.

I am excited to be a part of this vision, Hope 'n Motion. Sewing makes me tick, and if I can make something that makes someone else tick, so be it...

Bags, Books, Bibles...
Punkin helping in the harvest

I want to share. I hope I can give. I want to give. And do it all with LOVE!
Love of the Father God, who gave his son for me.

Aside from the Lord, who is my priority, I love to sew. And not everything, but I like to make quilts, and bags, aprons, fun things.. Well things I think are fun!!
Apron making! 

I love to garden! Hearing the birds sing... feeling the dirt in my finger nails... the sun on my back... the warmth in my soul....

And then to end a day in a good read, yaaa... thats what I enjoy! All the while of knowing that there is a good meal somewhere able to be cooked from the things I've grown... And me and Bambi together, well we are creating some good tasting foods...

Marmalade, from home grown oranges
Jan 2011
So with all that said, I am kinda the domestic women, who is trying to be an example.

With all this I hope I can show Punkin' how to love the Lord, how to be a woman of God, and enjoy what God has created her to be... (Fyi, Punkin' is my grand-daughter :))

And well, that's just a little bit about me!

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