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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Meet Bambi...

Well.. Let's see...

Port Stewart, Ireland 2010

My name is Bambi! :)

I have a heart for others, and my passion is to see Kingdom on Earth. After traveling the world as a missionary for a year, my life will never be the same. I have been wrecked for the better, and I wouldn't take back a minute of the pain or process.

Kampala, Uganda 2010
I love children, and I believe they are the hope of our future. Love them with all we have and the coming generations will flourish in the love of God.

Photography is the way I see life. While I don't claim to take a great picture everytime I pick up a lens, I like to think God has given me an eye. Macro is my favorite, and I love the life it brings to the smallest of things.
Jerusalem, Israel 2010

And as for Hope n' Motion... Well, it's a vision from the Lord. A vision to bring hope, even to one person by assisting in the absolution of poverty. Hope is a word I hold very dear in my life, and after feeling the word had to be in this project, it was time to come up with a meaning... Helping Overcome Poverty's Existence.

Sewing aprons! 
I love to sew. Aprons and bags are probably my favorite. I love to get creative and just see what happens! These are always for sale, and portions of the proceeds go to HNM charities. So please, if you see something you like, let me know!!

I think thats about all for now, but thanks for getting to know me :)


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